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CIDOC 2010



Nicholas Crofts
Grasping the intangible
English(PDF 3,6MB)

Ifigenia Dionissiadou
Archives incorporating museum objects: the case of performing arts
English(PDF 1,2 MB)

Guenther Goerz
Semantic Annotation for Medieval Cartography: The Example of the Behaim Globe of 1492
English(PDF 14,5 MB)

Monika Hagedorn-Saupe
Online Access to Cultural Heritage: Europeana - Athena and related national and European activities
English(PDF 2,6 MB)

Katri Hirvonen-Nurmi
Museums in Intercultural Dialogue - New Practices in Knowledge Sharing and Information Integration
English(PDF 2,2 MB)

Zhu Kongqiang
Foundational Research of the Frame and Design Cultural Relicts
English(PDF 3,5MB)
Chinese(PDF 3,8MB)

Karin Kühling
Access to letters from Napoleon to Johann Sebastian Bach (short paper)
English(PDF 3,7 MB)

Zhou Kuiying
Transformation Idea Enhancement Science Protection Consciousness with All One's Strength Complete the Documentation of Museums Collections of Shanxi Province
Chinese(PDF 2,5MB)

Jyue Tyan LOW, Martin Doerr
A postcard is not a building
English(PDF 2,6MB)

Lev Nol
The Pushkin Museum Internet Portal - New Tendencies in Museum Heritage Knowledge Sharing
English(PDF 3,6 MB)
Video (YouTube - 6:21)

You Qingqiao
Thinking on the Practice of the Documentation Chinese Museum Collections
English(PDF 5,4MB)
Chinese(PDF 9,5MB)

Hans Rengman
Moving SAMOREG into LIDO
English(PDF 964 K)

Vincent Ribaud
End-user story telling with a CIDOC CRM- based semantic wiki
English(PDF 433 Kb)

Regine Stein
Sharing Museum Information: Theory or Practice? - A European Experience
English(PDF 1,8 MB)